Studio Corsair

A Software Engineering Agency based in San Francisco, CA

We've architected and developed software for startups in the self-driving car, drone, on-demand services, and athletic performance industries.

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Averon's award-winning tech streamlines mobile user authentication.

Studio Corsair developed iOS, Android, and web apps that instantly sign users onto their accounts, no passwords required!

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Hawkin Dynamics

Hawkin Dynamics offers research grade athletic performance monitoring hardware.

Hawkin's App and Backend was featured in Google's Cloud 2018 Presentation.

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Skycatch converts top down photographs taken by drones into 3D models.

We developed a prototype mobile app that lets users chart a course via their smartphone and then have the drone follow that course.

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Nuro is a self-driving car and robotics startup.

They are pretty hush hush, so we can't divulge the details of what we produced for them. But we did produce client side software for a self driving car!

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Powerbx sells conference room hardware.

We're currently working with Powerbx on one of their new products, stay tuned!

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Fuze Zubi Flyer

Fuze's Zubi Flyer is an Arduino based hackable frisbee to teach children (and adults) how to code.

We designed a series of open source games (like hot potato, simon says, ect) for kids to play (and then change by modifying the source code).

Some other projects

Client Feedback

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Ilya Berger


Jordan joined our group as a lead engineer to help us streamline our production process, outline the back end, connect the app via interfaces and establish key features.

He did a marvelous job, going above and beyond his responsibilities, really caring about the product and it's future success.

He got along well with the other engineers and he currently remains working with us as a consultant, reviewing our work and guiding us in the right direction.

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Bennet Watson

Hawkin Dynamics

Working with Jordan has been a pleasure. His ability to understand and frame our vision and translate that into a powerful and highly functional mobile application has been impressive.

Throughout the planning stages he was clear about the scope, expectations, and tools that we would use to plan our application development.

His execution has been flawless and I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a skilled, organized, and professional developer that will go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations.

Kyle's picture

Kyle Muir

Fuze Play

Jordan is authentic is his representation and complete in his work; I was confident in his ability and that he understood the project (to the point where he made strategic recommendations).

It is easy to tell that Jordan is sharp and technically literate in a broad array of software and firmware disciplines.

His feedback process always kept me feeling in-the-know regarding the project status through all stages of work.

David's picture

David Brown


I’ve hired a few programmers before, and Jordan is by far the best one that I have worked with.

Jordan is more an engineer than he is a programmer. Most programmers will just build whatever you tell them to build.

However, Jordan will sit down and discuss the problem with you so that he can tell you what the best technological solution is to solve the problem. He will not build something that you ask for, if it is not going to solve the problem.

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Levi Moore

Helping America's Students

Jordan's work is second to none. After talking to a few engineers he was the only one I wanted to work with.

His craftsmanship and dedicated to the project will guarantee any project's success.

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Christian Foster


When I started Pokey, I had a vision that I wanted to articulate and the framework that I wanted to create.

As I started looking for an Engineer, I was flooded with a wide range of candidates; Jordan talked about the challenges involved in creating the app and presented a clear path to fulfilling my vision.

Jordan was the only Engineer that I spoke with who had a legitimate and visible excitement towards solving the technological challenges that my project required, and ultimately it was my deciding factor in choosing to work with him.

What we build

Studio Corsair architects and develops native mobile and fullstack software. We also do a bit of hardware and machine learning every once in a while.

Android Apps

iOS Apps

Web Apps

Backend Servers

About us

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Jordan Rejaud

CEO, Software Engineer

I like long walks on the beach and tending to the geraniums in my garden.

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John Ellis

Jr. Software Engineer

Building applications through the week, and autonomous robots on the weekends.

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Tom Huang

Jr. Software Engineer

Ultimate UI code monkey.

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Ruben Abergel

Jr. Software Engineer

Love people, use things.

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