Software Engineering Consultant

Hi, I'm Jordan.

I'm a Rogue Wizard for hire Freelance Software Engineer based in San Francisco, California who knows how to explain concepts and build cool stuff.
I specialize in Android and iOS mobile development and work with clients to understand their problem, identify a solution, and then implement that solution as high quality software.


I write about mobile development and user experience, the SF tech industry, hardware engineering, and other random stuff. Subscribe if you'd like updates.

User Feedback

Some of the feedback I've gotten from users of some of my software.

  • WWDChrome

    Incredible! Time and time again I go and try to watch a WWDC video on a Chrome browser, and that obnoxious message pops up. Thank you for making this extension!
    Dylan Shine
  • CleverObjects

    A must for everyone using a SmartThings hub and Android Wear. Jordan the developer was great in fixing a bug that kept me from using this. Excellent developer support!
    Henrik Pfluger
  • Chibi Companion

    Best looking Munchkin app by far.
    Mark Tudor
  • San Francisco POPOS

    Awesome map!
  • Inquiry

    Great app
    (I thought it was the official mobile version
    of Google Forms, since its UI is very close to it)
    Ivan Herazo
  • Pony Express

    Finally!!! Thank you for making this easy!
    Shauna Puckett