Software Portfolio

Client Projects


Robotics and AI.

Nuro is a self-driving car and robotics startup.

Nuro is still in "semi-stealth" modes so I can't divulge specifics of my work with them, but I architected and designed an mobile application and backend related to autonomous vehicles.


Drone Image Processing Platform.

Skycatch's platform converts top down photographs taken by drone into a 3D image.

I architected and developed their beta Android app that autonomously controls your drone and captures photos.

Fuze Zubi Flyer

The World's First Hackable Frisbee.

Fuze's Zubi Flyer is an Arduino Based hackable toy for children (and adults) interested in learning how to program.

I developed the Hackable games that come on the Zubi Flyer and wrote the "kid friendly" setup instructions so users can go straight to modifying the board.

I also developed a ScratchX Extension and Arduino based firmware that lets you use Scratch 2.0 to control the Zubi Flyer board.

Hawkin Dynamics

Wireless Force Plates for Teams.

Hawkin Tablet app uses a Wifi-Direct connection to stream data from force plates and runs local calculations to quantify an athlete's biomechanical performance.

I architected and developed the tablet app and backend for Hawkin Dynamics.


Eat Intelligently.

SmartBites uses the sensors inside your smart watch along with a (patent-pending) algorithm to learn your eating motions, trends, and habits over time, helping you stop overeating and stick to your diet.

It's like a fitbit, for your mouth


Semi-Random Reminders for the things that matter in your life.

Pokey lets you create reminders for the stuff you say you're going to go, but never really get around to.

The app will sporadically remind you to read that book you've been stuck on or (finally) go on that jog.


Alert your friends when you are in trouble.

Guardian lets you notify your friends quickly when you are in trouble.

You can manually trigger an alert or use the app's countdown timer which will check in on you periodically and send out an alert if you don't respond to a security check.

Once your friends receive your alert, the app lets them quickly call, text, or navigate your GPS location.

Personal Projects


Convert your architecture models into immersive VR experiences.

VRchitect lets you import your 3D Sketchup architectural models into navigatable and mobile compatible Virtual Reality experiences.

Built using Unity.


Watch Apple's WWDC Videos in Chrome.

Apple only lets developers watch their WWDC development videos inside the (Apple owned) Safari browser, blocking other web browsers.

I'm partial to Google Chrome, so I wrote WWDChrome, a Chrome Extension which lets you watch the WWDC videos inside Chrome.

If you would like to port this extension to another browser, I open sourced the code for this chrome extension.


Control your home's lights by talking to your watch.

CleverObjects lets you talk to and tap on your Android Wear smart watch to control your SmartThings home automation devices.

You can toggle your lights, unlock your front door, and control any "smart" switch in your house, just by using your Watch, like Dick Tracy.

Chibi Companion

Companion app for Munchkin players

Chibi Companion help users track their score, attack level, and determine the outcome of monster battles while they play the popular Munchkin card game by Steve Jackson.

It was the first Android app that I released publically.

Free, personalized comic and graphic novel recommendations.

ChrisClark is an SMS and Facebook Messenger bot that sends you personalized comic book recommendations every day.

As you respond to Chris that you LIKE or DISLIKE his recommendations, he learns your preferences and will start to recommend you comics that are more relevant to your interest.

Pony Express

Facebook Messenger on mobile, without having to download their messenger app.

Pony Express lets you use Facebook's messenger on your phone without having to download Facebook's Messenger app.

If you don't want to download Facebook's Messenger App but still need to access Facebook Messenger, you can use Pony Express.

Pony Express is a simple app, it uses less battery power than Facebook's app, it doesn't ask for invasive permissions, and it doesn't bother you with notifications all the time.


Create and Edit Google Forms on your mobile device.

The Google Forms website doesn't work very well on mobile devices and there is no official Google Forms app.

Inquiry lets you use Google Forms on your mobile device the same way you use it on your laptop.

SF City Guides Calendar

A Calendar of free city tours in San Francisco.

When I first moved to San Francisco, I went on a lot of the SF City Guides Walking tours. The tours were edifying and fun, but their website's calendar is a bit of a pain to navigate.

I wrote a scrapper that goes on their website every day and updates a public Google Calendar that contains all the walking tours in the city for that week.

San Francisco Spaces

A modern responsive map of the Privately-Owned Public Open Spaces in downtown San Francisco.

SF Spaces is an interactive map of the (pseudo secret) POPOS in downtown San Francisco.

The POPOS are plazas, terraces, parks, ect open to the public in privately owned property.

Find a cool rooftop to gaze from or have lunch at next time you're downtown :)