I'm Jordan Réjaud, a Software Engineer based in San Francisco with experience consulting with early stage startups.

I specialize in Android and iOS mobile development, helping startups by translating their product idea (even if isn't fully formed yet) into high quality software.

My area of interest is in greenfield projects. I enjoy examining opportunities/ problems then deducing and implementing novel and efficient solutions to said problems. I have extensive experience in the Mobile Engineering process, from understanding the initial problem, architecting the solution, backend implementation, and releasing your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

In conjunction to writing code for profit, I also like to write code for fun, read, swing dance, explore San Francisco, and travel.


Robotics Engineer +
Academic Polymath

I like learning things. I have a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. I also have a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University with three Minors in Aerospace Engineering, Anthropology, and Business.


Eclectic Professional Experience

Before I became a consultant, I've worked as both a Software Engineer and a Research Engineer. I've worked at a Fortune 200 company, a tiny San Francisco startup, and I've had internships in chemical plants and bio-mechanical academic research. I was also lucky enough to play research assistant for an Anthropology Professor in Mali where we studied "Polygamy in modern Western Africa".


International Man of Mystery

I was born in Paris, France and I speak fluent French. I'm a dual citizen of France and the United States. I've lived in 3 different countries and 5 different states; I've also been to Mali, Canada, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, Scotland and a few other places. 60% of the reason that I'm a consultant is that it makes it easier to travel. (I don't understand how Americans only get 2 weeks of vacation a year and haven't started a revolution yet).